Sunday, December 18, 2016

LC : 18 M0NTHS!

doctors appointment: friday afternoon on 12/9 with Dr. Paulson

height: 31" / 37th%tile
weight: 21lb 4oz / 11th%tile
head: 18"

diapers: STILL size 3 :)

clothes: 6/12 months for the majority. a few select 12/24 from brands like our favorite, june & january.

eating/drinking: she loves food. she really does. but she STILL is breastfed. i don't think she will ever quit on me. i am her keg. her open bar. she nurses at least 20 times a day still.

napping/sleeping: one nap a day, still almost always at the same time with crue. more days than not, i am still able to take a nap with both of them :)

loves: playing with crue, lounging with marshall, nursing from mama, running, looking at books and dancing to daddy's beatboxing.

hates: diaper changes, high chairs

extra news:
- we went on another cruise! it was fantastic. 18 months old and already on two cruises, along with our trip to germany, a trip to florida and our neighboring state wisconsin a few times.
- the top two outside teeth are FINALLY coming through - for a total of 8!
- super clingy lately. i keep meaning to get in her mouth and see if there are any other teeth coming in from the way back.
- mom took another job to work from home!
- dad left Northwestern Mutual and started at Mass Mutual!
- fights back with crue, and is a pro at slapping him.
- we got a new dog! it was very sad to see Lambeau and Lucy go, but they were extremely stressed out all the time and always hiding. they did NOT like our kids, and we just kept waiting for them to come around. it was finally time to realize that we loved them enough for them to have the better home they deserve. a few weeks later, we adopted a 2 year old boxer/lab mix from the rescue. crue named him Marshall after paw patrol, and we've been smitten ever since!
- in the fall, she started ballet! every saturday morning for half an hour, we head over to our dance studio where lakely dances. almost every weekend, its isaiah that goes in with her and they get a little daddy/daughter time :)

Lakely Capri, 
you are becoming one crazy, silly girl. we always knew you had it in you - because from day 1 you have been so sassy and full of spunk!