a b o u t u s

december 2010. it was a snowy sunday night, something not uncommon here in MN - so my dear friend B and i were sitting in our college library wasting time waiting for 11pm to pass so we didnt need to worry about the irritating snow emergency that we so often dealt with on our street.
what passes time faster than facebook? not much.
hanging out in the library at a table, B is on her computer - me on mine. up pops on her newsfeed, were pictures of Isaiah and his brother Josh at their first Green Bay Packer game. At the time, i lived with six girls - and B made more fun of me than any of them for being such a football fan, even more so - being a Packer fan. So she immediately shoves her computer in my face with comments such as "oh sarah you'll loooove this!" "look what just came up on my Facebook! look!"
i truly to this day still dont know what i was more excited about, the man i was looking at - or the stadium that is Lambeau Field. {i was about to experience my first trip to Lambeau in just two short weeks}
there were definitely oooo's and aaahhh's at both. {turns out his daddy used to play for the Packers back in the 70's!} i immediately decided to friend request him & B made more fun of me {but then she friend requested his brother, haha!}
a few hours went by - B and i were ready to pack up and leave the library. but not without stopping at pizza luce first. while at pizza luce for some (super) late night pizza - we both whipped our computers out to check facebook, again. & there was nothing.
i wake up Monday morning to two messages on Facebook. one from isaiah to both B & i - saying "B i only met you once, and Sarah i dont know who you are - but i'd like to get to know you!" another message was to me privately stating he'd like to get to know me & asked for my number. B proceeded to tell him that i thought he was sexy & we should all go out for drinks sometime - way to throw me under the bus B! and in our own personal message, i was thinking CALL ME?? WHO CALLS? "heres my number, you can TEXT me anytime."
he called that night. i freaked out. B ran in my room for some much needed girl support. & i had my first phone conversation with Isaiah =]
phone calls and text messages lasted us all week. non.stop. & we met up downtown with B as planned that following weekend. as the night went on, B invited him back to our house to spend the night. UMWHAT?SCUSE? yeah, that just happened.
the rest is really history.
we saw each other the following night as well, and had our first official date two days later.
we've been on dates every week since :)

our first night "officially meeting", downtown
@ seven sushi ultra lounge & bar


the day the Packers won the SB
& he asked me to be his *official* girlfriend


dating life & our first puppy, Lambeau
{May 2011}


the proposal

read his view point on his proposal here!
read my view point on being proposed to here!


our wedding



rock the dress
MN state fair



our wedding invites were featured as well!
in BRIDES Magazine Nov' 2012!
{slide 8 of 12}


full screen version {here}

Isaiah + Sarah / The Great Hall from eMotion Cinematography on Vimeo.


the day we became parents

the day we became parents AGAIN!


  1. Sarah, how have I never seen this proposal story??? I just read about it on your wedding site, and OMG!! He put so much work into your proposal!! What a keeper!!

  2. OMG I love your story and the proposal! One lucky girl and guy! :)

  3. Love it all! (Especially Pizza Luce) Holy moly girl, I am craving that now!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness. Our relationship timeline is SO similar- met 12/10, engaged 9/11, married 9/12. You beat me to the baby, though! ;) So happy I found your blog today <3

  5. OMG Sar Bear! I totally stumbled across your blog, but I'm so glad that I found it. I was actually looking up hair color images on google images and your picture was in one of the results. I laughed and said "Hey wait a second I know that girl" lol. Congrats on everything, you look so happy! You go girl! That video of the wedding was absolutely adorable btw, I teared up watching it. Lot's of love coming your way from CO! I'll look you up the next time I'm heading to MN. Later lady! :)

    Oh and PS, this is Katlin Sohm, my name changed when I got married, so I just realized that you probably won't recognize me at first.

  6. Oh I love all of these. You guys are too cute!!!

  7. Omg I just found your site through Macke Monologues and I LOVE stories like this! So cute! Love the blog and all you write about, too!