a b o u t m e

i was born in berlin, germany.
im very much in love with traveling.
cruises are my ultimate vacation.
im infatuated with my husband.
fur mom of a boxer, named marshall.
a first time mama to crue.
put on this world to be a mother.

i used to be a blonde. naturally born with black hair, naturally turned blonde before i was 1. naturally started turning brown after high school. ironically just before our BFP, i decided to say screw the thousand trips to the salon to stay a blonde & went my natural color, brown.

i hate it. i want to be blonde again. 
i hate typing with capitol letters.
slightly OCD? maybe? yes.
i love being tan. i am usually ridiculously tan in the summers. 
i refuse to go into a tanning bed. i hate everything about those things.
i cant stand running late. and my husband happens to be king of running late. grrr.
speaking of my husband, were cruise a'holics. 
i love the ocean, sunshine, sand & luscious green palm trees.
MN is not the place for me.

im a:
packer fan.
only child.
caribou coffee caramel lovin' addict.

i started this blog in 2012 in hopes of finding ladies that i could relate with when it came to TTC and PCOS. because in my world, it went as deep as {infertility}.  i wish i would have started blogging sooner and have been able to document more of my struggles and triumphs - but soon after i began blogging, we were in our first round of fertility meds and i got my very first ever, BFP.
now this doesn't mean i feel any less for those struggling or no longer live with those issues, because i do. and they'll still be around when we try for our future babies. however, i can not wait to live this life and go on this journey with my husband and our miracle boy. for now, this blog will be probably just that. a lifestyle blog. im excited to see whats to come as the calendar pages turn.

i went to college {i sometimes wonder why} & i got my degree in elementary education. i taught preschool for two years, until a family had questioned me about nannying. the salary was nearly double my teaching salary - so i said goodbye to the classroom and hello to the nanny family of five. {yes. i am a girl who ditched her degree.}
soon after, i became engaged & was in the chaos joys of wedding planning // which i became obsessed with. obsessed, i tell you. i want to plan a thousand more.
our wedding came & went and i became a stay at home wife. after working with our fertility specialist for a few months, i got my first BFP in november.
we had a miracle pregnancy & our sweet baby boy C came in august 2013.
after more struggles, we welcomed baby girl L in june 2015.
being a mom is my dream come true.
& being infertile sucks.

what else?


  1. I'm Sarah with an 'H' too! :) Oh and I'm obsessed with shiba's and the hubs and I would LOVE to find one at a rescue someday much in the future when our two current girls are no longer with us. And born in Germany? How freaking awesome!

  2. Hey Sarah! Just stopping by your blog! Congrats on your baby! Can't wait to see pictures of him when he gets here! :)

  3. Just started reading your blog. I'm a Minnesotan too! Were from the Elk River area. Trying really hard to to bitch about the weather the last two days! ;)

  4. Hi! I found your blog via the UBP13. Your due date is so close! I have 3 kids and other people's pregnancies make my ovaries ache, my boy is 8 months old and I wish he would just stay so small and sweet. After reading through your blog, I am so excited for you and your husband, I can tell you are going to be great parents!
    You can find me at http://www.atableforfive.com

    Best wishes, nice to meet you

  5. loving your blog -- just wanted to say hello from minneapolis :)

  6. Totally blog stalking you this am and I like your natural hair color but you as a blonde is where its at!! Just sayin'

  7. Any girl that loves the Packers is A+ in my book! Randomly stumbled upon your blog today, glad I did! Congratulations on the recent addition to your family, he is so handsome! You have a beautiful family!

  8. Just found this blog and I love it already. As a newlywed who is struggling to get pregnant and stay pregnant (suffered my first miscarriage in May) I am so encouraged by your story. Congrats on your sweet miracle boy! TTC is a tiring exhausting emotional journey so seeing a miracle outcome like yours puts a little pep in my step :)

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